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Explosion Proof Vacuum Cleaner

IEDCO Explosion Proof Vacuum Cleaner

The IEDCO Explosion Proof Vacuum Cleaner has been designed as a portable, self-sustaining vacuum for use in hazardous environments. The system can vacuum up various materials while maintaining ground and continuity with static dissipation to provide a safe vacuuming environment and remain non-combustible during the process.

Supplied with a 55-gallon stainless steel drum as its collection container, the system has no interface requirements with any other equipment, except for a suitable ground point within 50 ft. of the unit, and a reliable compressed air supply.

The unit utilizes a multi-stage air driven vacuum pump, which provides for extremely high material flows with minimal usage of compressed air. Due to the vacuum pump’s unique design, it is whisper quiet, maintenance free, and excellent for explosive environments.


The system also includes multiple safety features and interlocks, which makes our vacuum cleaner unique compared to other models:

  • A relay installed in the control panel which measures continuity throughout the system. In the event continuity becomes compromised the vacuum pump will shut down. There is no other vacuum system on the market that includes this safety feature.
  • A Newson Gail Grounding Reel, with cable, to provide the above ground continuity feedback.
  • A drum high level sensor, that, in the event a high level is reached in the drum, the vacuum pump will shut down.
  • A Pepperl and Fuchs purge pack that provides positive pressure to the control cabinet. If the cabinet is not pressurized, the vacuum will not operate.

Easy Load Drum Dolly

IEDCO will supply a custom dolly truck with a large open deck that sits low to the ground. The dolly will easily slide under the drum for better support and minimal tipping.

A ‘T’ style tubular steel handle pivots out for pulling, locks upright for pushing, and folds in for storage.

The unit is constructed using 5/16 thick stainless-steel section. It has two (2) axle mounted front wheels and one (1) swivel wheel at the rear. The dolly is designed to hold the entire six-piece tool collection.