Unloading Bulk Bags Accurately and Reliably

Receiving powdered product in bulk bags is becoming more and more common due to their ease of use and cost efficiency.

When it comes to handling bulk bags, you will be hard pressed to find another company that has as much experience, innovation or success as IEDCO.

IEDCO has developed specialized Bulk Bag Unloaders to meet application specific requirements from the simple to the most complex.

Each system focusing on our core System Design Philosophies and typically exceeding our customers expectations in efficiency and capability.

Whether you need to accurately meter powdered product from a bulk bag into a process system or simply dump its contents into a receiving vessel, IEDCO has the solution.
Some of the key features of our big bag unloading systems can include:

  • Open or enclosed spout access and sealing systems which permit the opening and closing of a bulk bag with virtually no dust.
  • Bulk bag paddles with pneumatic actuators or vibratory bag pan system which can be used to massage the bag to induce flow.
  • Proprietary pneumatic choker mechanism used to maximize containment during bag spout access and to help the resealing of partially discharged bags.
  • Standard A-Frame structure with cable or chain lift hoist and trolley.
  • Adjustable support frame permitting maximum flexibility in handling different sizes of bulk bags.
  • Integrated weigh systems to allow for accurate dosing or batching of the product.
  • Sanitary butterfly or rotary valve for precise feeding of the product into the process.
  • Construction materials ranging from polished 316 stainless steel to carbon steel (painted/unpainted).