Transfer Powdered Material from Multiple Drums into Flexible IBC and Deliver into a Mixer

Pharmaceutical Company Specializing in Softgel Technology in Highpoint, NC


Company wanted to transfer powdered material from multiple drums into a flexible IBC (ILC DoverPac) and then deliver the product into a mixer for processing. The entire process needed to be accomplished with high containment (1-10 micrograms).


IEDCO provided a custom drum handling system that lifted and tilted drums 90 degrees into a discharging position adjacent to the side of a custom isolator. The glove box isolator allowed an operator to access the inner liner of each drum and empty its contents into the flexible IBC on a scale system below. A custom frame, scale system, and transfer cart was created to hold the flexible IBC during the filling process and allow it to be removed and transported to the mixer for final discharging.


This unique drum handling system allowed the customer to empty drums and fill flexible IBCs with extremely high containment and the utmost in operator safety.

Major Equipment Provided

  • Custom Drum Handling System
  • Glove Box Isolator
  • Operator Platform
  • Flexible IBC Frame and Transfer Cart
  • Scale System and Controls
custom drum handling system