Transfer Multiple Ingredients Coming from Different Source to Single Tank in a Contained System

International specialty chemical manufacturer in Assonet, MA


Company was packaging their product in drums, but wanted the flexibility to also start packaging into pleated foil bags. The drum fill system was originally provided by IEDCO and allowed for the metered filling of drums on a scale system from an existing mixer.


Rather than introduce an entirely new packaging line, IEDCO retrofitted the existing drum fill system with a new, custom designed foil bag fill head system that could utilize the existing floor scale and batch controller. The custom fill head featured specially designed bag gripping pads. Operator safety was a primary concern, so the gripping pads were designed to prevent operator fingers from accidental insertion into the pinch points. A foot pedal was incorporated to allow a single operator to use the system while maintaining control on the foil bag being filled.


This system allowed the company to begin filling foil bags with their product without the major investment on equipment or a new filling line.

Major Equipment Provided

  • Custom Foil Bag Fill Head
  • Batch System and Controls Integration
Drum Fill System