Transfer Multiple Ingredients Coming from Different Source to Single Tank in a Contained System

Tobacco & Cannabis Company in Midlothian, VA


The company had a new process that required multiple ingredients to be transferred to a single, portable tank. The ingredients were in different styles of containers (super sacks, bags, and minors) and had to be dosed accurately to the tank. Some of the ingredients were hazardous, so the system had to be completely contained, as well as efficient.


IEDCO provided a single-sourced system consisting of Bulk Bag Unloaders, Bag Dump Stations, and a Pneumatic Conveying Batching System. The entirely custom designed system featured Bulk Bag Unloaders with unique Feed Hoppers that allow operators to add minor ingredients as required. Each product discharging system (Bulk Bag Unloader, Bag Dump Station) was connected to an individualized Vacuum Conveying System. The Vacuum Conveyors, all mounted together on a single support stand, worked in tandem with a scale system to meter accurate dosages of the materials to the receiving tank below.


The specialized, multi-ingredient handling/batching system provided accurate transferring of materials to the receiving tank, while doing so through a contained and efficient system and maintaining operator safety.

Major Equipment Provided

  • Bulk Bag Unloaders with Custom Feed Hoppers
  • Bag Dump Stations
  • Vacuum Conveying Systems
  • Rotary Valves
  • Batching Controls System