Tablet Handling Systems

The safe handling of tablets, capsules, or other small fragile products is always a challenge. Couple that with the ergonomic issues that arise from manually handling the small containers of these fragile products and you have quite the problem.

The manual handling of fragile products in small containers stems from very legitimate issues associated with preventing product damage, as well as other quality assurance issues. However, it is now possible to handle these fragile products in a completely automated and “hands off” fashion using Dense Phase Vacuum Conveying.

Dense Phase Vacuum Conveying

Vacuum Conveying has been given a “bad rap” when handling fragile products due to the fact that many people have tried it, only to erode or destroy their product through a high velocity conveying line. These experiences are representative of conventional dilute phase vacuum conveying. With dilute phase conveying there is a lot of air used for conveying and therefore a lot of product interaction at the high velocities necessary for conveying with traditional vacuum pumps.

Our pneumatically operated vacuum pump makes “Dense Phase” vacuum conveying possible. By pulling nearly a full vacuum (27” Hg.), the pump permits us to let in very little air for conveying. The product can be pulled through the line in dense slugs. These slugs move at low velocity, with little to no product interaction. The result is the ability to vacuum convey fragile products easily, efficiently, and without damage.

Simplicity and Hygiene

All of the vacuum conveyor components are modular for easy assembly, disassembly and cleaning. The conveying lines are food grade polyethylene hose, which can be cleaned fairly easily, or which can be thrown away and replaced as necessary.

The vacuum pump and controls are all pneumatic making installation and operation quick and simple, as well as safe in hazardous environments.

We have over 25 years of experience when it comes to the automated handling of tablets and other fragile products. Whether it be to or from a Tablet Press, Tablet Coater, Laser Drill, or other tablet processing equipment, IEDCO has the knowledge and expertise to transport your tablets in a safe, efficient, and reliable manner.

IEDCO Tablet Carousel

Designed to transfer tablets from a tablet press to small buckets, the IEDCO Tablet Carousel holds up to 7 buckets and will fill each to an accuracy based on either time or weight.

IEDCO’s Tablet Carousel cuts bucket-handling time in half by automatically filling each bucket accurately and eliminating the conventional 2-step process of filling at one station and weighing at another.

It’s “Hands-Off” up to 7-bucket system frees the operator to become more productive with other tasks rather than watching and waiting for each bucket to fill. The operator is only required to replace the filled buckets with empty ones when an alarm is activated.

The IEDCO Tablet Carousel is designed to eliminate inconsistencies in bucket weight/volume while focusing on safety, containment, and ergonomics.

The Advantages of the IEDCO Tablet Carousel

  • Minimal Space Required - The design of the Carousel is such that it can easily fit into a confined space without hassle. What was once a tight squeeze for an operator has become a simple task.
  •  Man-Power Savings - Rather than having an operator (or two) standing around waiting for containers to be filled, this system allows operators to occupy themselves with other tasks while the containers are automatically and accurately filled.
  •  Simplified Labeling - Even the labeling has become easier as the preprinted labels are waiting at the system for the operator to apply them to the appropriate container.