Pharmaceutical Industry

Systems for the Fast, Effective, Hygienic, Transport of Pharmaceutical Ingredients

IEDCO designs and manufactures systems specifically designed for the complex task of delivering dry pharmaceutical ingredients to and from the process line.

Case Studies

custom drum handling system

Transfer Powdered Material from Multiple Drums into Flexible IBC and Deliver into a Mixer

Pharmaceutical Company Specializing in Softgel Technology in Highpoint, NC Challenge Company wanted to transfer powdered material from multiple drums into a flexible IBC (ILC DoverPac) and then deliver the product into a mixer for processing. The entire process needed to … Read More
pneumatic column lifts

Discharge Poly-bottles Containing Powders into Multiple Mix Tanks with Inlets 10 Feet above the Floor

International Pharmaceutical Manufacturer in Mt. Vernon, IN Challenge Company needed to discharge 20 liter poly-bottles containing either API or non-API powders into multiple mix tanks with inlets approximately 10’ above the floor. Material transfer needed to be ergonomically safe and … Read More
low-profile bulk bag unloader

Accurately Batch Powder from Bulk Bags into a Reactor and Accurately Fill Drums with Powdered Product

International Pharmaceutical Developer and Manufacturer in Petersburg, VA Challenge Company needed to accurately batch powder from bulk bags into a reactor in one process, as well as have the ability to accurately fill bulk bags or drums with powdered product … Read More

Accurately Empty Bulk Bags into either IBCs or Drums in a Gain-in-Weight Basis

Biopharmaceutical Company in Salt Lake City, UT Challenge The company wanted to accurately empty bulk bags into either IBCs or drums in a gain-in-weight basis. They wanted a system that would not require operators to climb stairs or ladders and … Read More

Transfer Multiple Ingredients Coming from Different Source to Single Tank in a Contained System

Tobacco & Cannabis Company in Midlothian, VA Challenge The company had a new process that required multiple ingredients to be transferred to a single, portable tank. The ingredients were in different styles of containers (super sacks, bags, and minors) and … Read More