Food Industry

Food Handling Conveyors for Fast, Effective, Hygienic, Transport of Food Ingredients

IEDCO designs and manufactures systems specifically designed for the complex task of delivering dry food ingredients to and from the process line.

Case Studies

low-profile bulk bag unloader

Dispense Milk Powder from Bulk Bags into a Processing suite with Minimal Head-Space

Specialty nutritional foods manufacturer in Wautoma, WI Challenge Company needed to dispense milk powder from bulk bags into a processing suite, but, due to the height of the processing equipment stack-up, the bulk bag discharging operation needed to be on … Read More
pneumatically operated vacuum feed wand holders

Efficient, Low-Manpower Method to Transfer Dry Ingredients to Process Line without Damage

Frozen meals food manufacturer in Jackson, OH Challenge Company began receiving many ingredients (dried pastas and other food materials) in large Gaylord boxes and needed an efficient, low-manpower method of transferring the ingredients to their process without damaging the product. … Read More
Feeders and refill systems

Hygienic and Accurate Method to Refill Feeders with Different Products from Remote Location

International food manufacturer in Jefferson, WI Challenge Company was introducing three new Loss-in-Weight feeders into their condiment feeding line and needed a hygienic and accurate method of refilling each feeder with different products from a remote location without interfering with … Read More