Food Industry

Food Handling Conveyors for Fast, Effective, Hygienic, Transport of Food Ingredients

IEDCO designs and manufactures systems specifically designed for the complex task of delivering dry food ingredients to and from the process line.

Case Studies

Drum Fill System

Transfer Multiple Ingredients Coming from Different Source to Single Tank in a Contained System

International specialty chemical manufacturer in Assonet, MA Challenge Company was packaging their product in drums, but wanted the flexibility to also start packaging into pleated foil bags. The drum fill system was originally provided by IEDCO and allowed for the … Read More

Vacuum Sifters

Repackage Products Received in Bulk Bags or Paper Sacks into Different Sized Buckets and/or Drums

Industrial and Reagent Grade Chemical Manufacturer in Minneapolis, MN Challenge Company needed to repackage an assortment of products received in bulk bags or paper sacks into a variety of different sized buckets and/or drums. They were looking for a linear … Read More

powder reclamation system

Reclaim Polysilicon Powder Captured by Existing Dust Collection System

Polysilicon materials manufacturer for the solar industry in Moses Lake, WA Challenge Company wanted to reclaim polysilicon powder captured by their existing dust collection system. Due to the vast size of the facility, the amount of reclaimable powder was considerable … Read More