Repackage Products Received in Bulk Bags or Paper Sacks into Different Sized Buckets and/or Drums

Industrial and Reagent Grade Chemical Manufacturer in Minneapolis, MN


Company needed to repackage an assortment of products received in bulk bags or paper sacks into a variety of different sized buckets and/or drums. They were looking for a linear system that would accomplish this in a contained, safe, efficient, and ergonomically friendly fashion.


IEDCO provided a complete material transfer and batching system consisting of 2 bag dump stations (with compactor), 2 bulk bag unloaders with surge hoppers, 4 vacuum tolerant sifters, and 4 pneumatic transfer batching systems. A portable delumper was also included to interface with either the bag dump or bulk bag unloader systems as some of the received materials become densified during transit in either bag type.

This linear transfer system was designed to keep operator’s feet on the ground while being able to access all aspects of the process. Product was discharged from either the bulk bag unloaders or the bag dump stations and fed through the vacuum tolerant sifter via the pneumatic conveyors in the next room. The pneumatic conveyors (mounted on pneumatic lifts to allow for docking and undocking with the containers) accurately filled a variety of different buckets and drums on a roller track scale system.


This system allowed the company to create accurately batched containers of a variety of chemical ingredients for distribution from both bulk bags and paper sacks while increasing operator safety by keeping them on the floor at all times due to its linear design.

Major Equipment Provided

  • Pneumatic Conveyors on Pneumatic Lifts
  • Batch Systems and Controls
  • Bulk Bag Unloaders
  • Bag Dump Stations with Bag Compactors
Vacuum Sifters