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Post Lifts

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Post Lifts

prod_post_lift_02When handling an IBC (or other large container) it is often necessary to elevate and position it above a process. Accomplishing this with forklifts or overhead cranes can be inconvenient, unsafe and unsanitary.

To deal with these kinds of installations, IEDCO has developed a line of Post Lifts which permit the handling of IBCs and other containers in an easy, safe and precise fashion.

prod_post_lift_01IEDCO Post Lifts

The IEDCO IBC Post Lift is designed to be mounted on a level floor and can be self-supporting or supported from a bearing support at the top. The Post Lift is electrically powered and designed to accurately lift and swivel, if required.

The completely electric design makes the machine more reliable, trouble-free and smoother operating than either hydraulic or pneumatically powered units. There is no leakage, no motion creep, and far less maintenance.

Material lifts, bin blenders, drum inverters, bulk container dumpers, and other custom lifting systems are also available.


prod_post_lift_03The IEDCO Pneuma-Lift was designed to handle smaller payloads using a compressed air cylinder lifting mechanism. Just like our standard Post Lifts, the Pneuma-Lift can lift, invert, swivel, and dock a variety of containers. Unlike our larger Post Lifts, the IEDCO Pneuma-Lift has the option of being portable, which can add a whole new dimension to small container handling by allowing the lift to get quite close to mix tanks, reactor vessels, or other process equipment.

Pneuma-Lift Features

Powder Transfer Bag Systems

prod_bag_handling05prod_bag_handling04When containment is a priority, the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and even chemical and food industries are turning to plastic powder transfer bags for their single use efficiency and cost savings. These flexible bags feature an ergonomic handle and tri-clamp inlet/outlet, and are designed for contained transfer of the bagged product to the receiving vessel.

IEDCO has designed solutions to fill, discharge, lift, and transport these contained powder transfer bags. Our years of experience catering to the pharmaceutical industry make us a perfect partner for any project featuring this type of contained bag technology.

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