Reclaim Polysilicon Powder Captured by Existing Dust Collection System

Polysilicon materials manufacturer for the solar industry in Moses Lake, WA


Company wanted to reclaim polysilicon powder captured by their existing dust collection system. Due to the vast size of the facility, the amount of reclaimable powder was considerable and would require 13 IBCs designed for Class I, Div II and Class II, Div II environments. Locations of the reclamation sites would be in three separate areas throughout the plant and at different altitudes. Due to the nature of the polysilicon product, a highly contained system was required. Eventually, the reclaimed product would need to be repackaged from IBCs into bulk bags for shipment elsewhere.


IEDCO provided the polysilicon powder reclamation system (IBC fill system) and the bulk bag filling system (FIBC fill system). The IBC fill system consisted of 13 IBCs, 10 Pneumatic Conveying and Batching Systems – all of which were designed for hazardous environments and high containment. Split butterfly valves were used to maintain the containment requirements. The portable IBCs were filled & emptied through the same valve and required both fluidization and nitrogen purging.

The FIBC fill system consisted of a Post Lift IBC Lift Inverter and a Bulk Bag Fill System that needed to fill bulk bags to an accurate weigh in a fully contained manner in a nitrogen purged environment.

In order to maneuver the IBCs throughout the facility, IEDCO also provided a Cable Hoist Elevator.


Providing this complex system was a massive endeavor with equally impressive results. The new silicon powder reclamation system has created a new source of revenue for the company, as well as eliminated the need to dispose of what was once discarded material.

Major Equipment Provided

  • Pneumatic Conveyors on Pneumatic Lifts
  • IBCs with Fluidizer Cones
  • Post Lift IBC Lift/Inverter
  • Split Butterfly Valves
  • Custom Vibratory Feeders
  • Bulk Bag Filling/Batching System
  • Cable Hoist Elevator
powder reclamation system