We offer a full line of Column Lifts that are completely pneumatically operated – PneumaLifts. Designed for lighter loads (<275 lbs. including effector), these simple and hygienic lifts only require a single air connection for operation, which makes them ideal for use in hazardous environments.

Typically used to lift and position our line of IEDCOveyors, our PneumaLifts can be stationary or portable to serve multiple areas in the plant.

The stationary PneumaLift is a pneumatically driven column lift that can also swivel to allow for the lifting and positioning of either a Vacuum Conveyor or small container.

The portable version (PortaLift) is a pneumatic column lift that is configured with a counterweighted base, casters, and outriggers. Again, a single air connection is all that is required, and all lift and conveyor controls are integrated compactly into the counterweight base.

The IEDCO PortaLift design is easily transported for use with multiple applications throughout the plant.

The simple and efficient design of all our Pneumatic Lifts facilitates ease of cleaning for either the process or the conveyor.

Failsafe Braking System

All our Pneumatic Lifts are fit with Pneumatic Clamping Modules that act as a failsafe brake system. These modules hold the lift arm in place and prevent it from falling in the event of sudden air loss.

A separate air cylinder (located in the counterbalance or on the column) will provide enough air to maintain the braking system even when plant air has been lost.