Pneumatic Conveying

Vacuum Pumps for Pneumatic Conveying Systems

At the heart of the pneumatic conveying system is the vacuum pump which creates the suction that moves the material from its source to the collection container. A compressed air driven, multijector vacuum pump is our standard. By using a compressed air-driven vacuum pump, the unit is inherently explosion-proof. Vacuum pumps driven by compressed air also have the advantage of being virtually maintenance-free, whisper quiet, and easy to control. Further, the pump only runs during the suction period and is at rest at other times saving energy.

In situations where compressed air is either not available or in limited supply, we can provide a motor driven vacuum pump and skid assembly. The rotary claw-type, positive displacement, dry vacuum pump acts as a dedicated vacuum source for the pneumatic conveying system.

Vacuum is produced by two non-contacting rotors in an oil-free pumping chamber. The dry, non-contacting design leads to a longer pump life with low maintenance.