Vibratory Feeder Feeds Product Horizontally Directly from a Hopper

IEDCO, a leader in the design and manufacture custom engineered powder handling systems and solutions, offers the IEDCO Vibratory Feeder. The IEDCO Vibratory Feeder has been specifically design to feed product horizontally directly from a discharge hopper into a receiving container in a sanitary environment. The feeder can be designed for use in both hazardous and non-hazardous environments.

The simple, all stainless steel fabrication and unique tubular design offers a clean, sanitary and contained environment, perfect for food, chemical and pharmaceutical applications. The feed speed can be adjusted for precise control and can be combined with one of our sanitary valves for a more customized application.

The tubular tray and drive motor can be scaled to fit any sized process or project requirement. The drive is powered by a completely enclosed, electric motor.

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