IEDCO Pneumatic Conveying Systems Address Top Considerations of Food Manufacturers

IEDCO, a leader in the design and manufacture custom engineered material handling systems and solutions, offers pneumatic conveying systems that solve problems food manufacturers have when moving product. These include moving fragile product without breakage or degradation, transporting very fine powders, and designing systems to fit existing space with ease of maintenance.

Particle degradation occurs when the product is damaged during handling. In pneumatic systems, it occurs when particles hit one another or system walls when moving at high speeds. IEDCO’s pneumatic conveying systems use low velocity, dense phase conveying to slowly and gently move product. Systems are designed for optimal productivity and efficiency through testing during design and installation.

Very fine powders, such as flour may also be transported without problems. Being a closed system, powder is not able to become airborne creating for a safer, cleaner environment. A variety of fluidization systems may be incorporated to minimize powders getting stuck on the interior of the system. These can include vibration, air fluidizers or others depending on the application.

IEDCO pneumatic conveying systems are also much more compact than other methods of transporting product. Since space is usually at a premium at food manufacturing plants, IEDCO conveying systems are custom designed to fit the available space and take a much smaller footprint than mechanical systems. Systems are designed to allow for easy assembly and disassembly, often times without tools. This allows for less maintenance, downtime, and easier cleaning.

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