IEDCO Explosion Proof Vacuum Provides Portable Safety in Hazardous Environments

IEDCO, a leader in the design and manufacture custom engineered powder handling systems and solutions, offers the IEDCO Explosion Proof Vacuum Cleaner. The portable, battery-operated vacuum cleaner can be transported to hazardous locations without the need for an electric cord or electrical outlets.

The unit utilizes a multi-stage air driven vacuum pump, which provides for extremely high material flow with minimal usage of compressed air. Due to this unique design, the pump is whisper quiet, maintenance free, and excellent for explosive environments.

Ground is maintained by ensuring all components are bonded together. Static dissipation allows the vacuum cleaner to operate safely while cleaning up various materials including combustible dusts, flammable substances or other hazardous materials. The unit utilizes a static dissipative hose as well as a removable, explosion proof drum. It is supplied with 6 tool attachments.

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