IEDCO “Zero Lift” Bulk Bag Filling System

Bulk Bag Filling System

IEDCO, a leader in the design and manufacture custom engineered powder handling systems and solutions, offers the IEDCO “Zero Lift” Bulk Bag Filling System. This portable system is designed for contained filling and batching of dry powder materials from a process to a bulk bag, super-sack or FIBC. Its design is well suited for applications where hygienics and cGMP requirements exist.

The unit’s unique “zero-lift” designed base permits the placement of pallets and the removal of the filled bulk bags using only a pallet jack rather than a walking stacker or forklift. The entire base is mounted on load cells and inflatable air bags, allowing the platform to be lifted for accurate weighing and dosing control. The unique design ensures the ability to fill bulk bags of varying sizes, as well as transfer the materials to the bags in a fully contained fashion.

As with all IEDCO products, this system can be customized to suit each individual application with options like pneumatic vibrators for optimal compacting and product settling. This unit is completely sanitary (cGMP) and is suitable for use in the pharmaceutical, foods and fine chemical processing industries.

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