Low Profile & Efficient Drum Discharging

IEDCO’s Compact Drum Inverter

Historically, drum inverting units have been big, cumbersome and required a lot of plant real estate due to their large footprint. To solve these issues attributed to standard drum tippers, IEDCO has developed a new line of Compact Drum Inverters. Requiring only a standard 120 VAC wall socket for operation, our new, portable Compact Drum Inverter can handle drums up to 200 Kg with precision. Without requiring any floor docking mechanism, our design uses frame locators for repeatable positioning and stable operation.

Features & Benefits

  • Portable with a Small Footprint
  • Drum Inversion Can be Stopped at Any Position
  • Removable Product Discharge Chute
  • Stainless Steel Drum Restraint (vs. Conventional Woven Strap)
  • Floor Docking Unnecessary - Utilizes Frame Locators for Positioning & Stability
  • Adjustable Raise/Lower Sensors for Repeatable Drum Positioning
  • Lifts Drums Off Drum Dolleys - No Drum Man-Handling Required
  • Fully Adjustable Speed Controls
  • Completely Washdownable
  • NEMA 4X Controls, Including VFD & Pushbutton Pendant
  • Simple to Use & Maintain
  • Inversion Motor has 10,000 Hour Maintenance Interval
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