Intermediate Bulk Containers

Intermediate Bulk Containers

Intermediate Bulk Containers or IBCs are the most efficient way to handle powders within a plant or process. The use of IBCs throughout a process offers numerous advantages that include:

  • Maximum flexibility
  • Maintaining batch integrity
  • High levels of containment
  • Blending multiple ingredients can be accomplished without transfer
  • Minimal handling with maximum ergonomic advantage
  • No moving parts for low maintenance
  • Low profile stack-ups can permit single floor process designs
  • Usually more economical than mechanical transfer or other methods

IEDCO offers a complete line of traditional “butterfly valve” type IBCs as well as IBCs that can have its contents transferred via a vacuum conveyor using a “Feed Adapter” discharge system. While we have based our standard designs around the use of a nominal 46” square footprint, we have designed several IBCs that fit our client’s project specific requirements.

All containers can be fabricated from carbon steel, stainless steel, Hastelloy or virtually any exotic alloy that might be demanded by the product being handled.

IBC Discharge Systems

Our standard IBCs transition to a 10” diameter tri-clamp outlet, to which we clamp the discharge valve.

Depending on your discharging requirements, we typically provide a sanitary Butterfly Valve on the IBC outlet.

However, we can accommodate any discharge valve specifications and can supply our IBCs with other options, including Slide Gate Valves or even Split Butterfly Valves for the ultimate in containment.

For discharging an IBC directly into a pneumatic conveying system, we can provide a Vacuum Feed Adapter on the IBC outlet.

To obtain optimum material conveying, the air supply and the feed input of the Feed Adapter can be adjusted. The feed adapter air inlet butterfly valve is fit with an inlet filter to minimize any contamination from the surrounding air.

Discharge Stations

Discharge Stations are available for our IBCs and provide for contained discharging of product to your process.

When combined with our IBC Locator Frame, precise positioning of the IBC is achieved every time.

Discharge stations can be built on weigh frames or actual platform scales which, when married with the appropriate weigh instrument, can provide you with gravimetrically controlled discharge from your IBC.

IBC Wash Stations

All IBC’s eventually need to be cleaned. To this end, we can build a wash station to clean the internal surfaces of the IBC. External surfaces are cleaned manually.

The operator simply pushes the IBC into the locator frame and manually locks it in place using the simple swing latch on the locator frame.

Mounted to this base is a pneumatic lift supporting a “dummy lid” which has an inflatable seal. The lid is fit with a rotating spray nozzle that has a flow rate of 18 to 24 gpm with a working pressure of 45 to 75 IBC outlet flange during the cleaning operation.

The cleaning operation can be a simple, manually operated plain water system or an automated, CIP system.

An automated, skid mounted system can be as simple or sophisticated as your needs dictate. This system was skid mounted and completely automated throughout several wash and rinse cycles - each time with a different solution.

The entire operation was controlled by an Allen-Bradley PLC with touch-screen interface. A water temperature recorder was included along with multiple by-pass options.

Custom IBCs

We can design and furnish just about any size IBC to fulfill your project’s specific requirements. Here is a sampling of the wide range of IBCs that we have supplied over the past 25 years:

Anatomy of an IEDCO IBC

An IEDCO IBC can be fit with many features, attributes, and components. Each specifically added or chosen to meet your project specifications. Your IBC can include all or some of the items noted below:

IBC Filling Systems

Obviously, if you are using IBCs, you will need to fill them with your product for further processing. We not only supply IBCs and their discharge stations, but also solve the challenges of filling your IBCs, if needed.

Our IBC Filling Systems transfer products from a variety of containers to your IBC with both containment and accuracy as their prime objectives.

Whether the original materials come in drums, bags, bulk bags, or other container, we can design a system that will fill your IBCs to precise weights time and time again.

IBC Filling Systems
IBC Filling Systems