IBC Containers

Anatomy of an IEDCO IBC

Deciding on the right IBC for the job can be more complicated than originally thought. There are a number of variables and variations that can be included to suit client specific needs. We can guide you through this process and offer you the perfect IBC Container that will fulfill all your expectations.

IEDCO IBC Containers can have one or more of the following features integrated into them:

Anatomy of an IBC Container

1. Custom Discharge System
2. Hygienic Leg Design
3. Pallet Truck Pads
4. Fork Channels w/ Anti-Jump Bars
5. Integrated Fluidization
6. Round, Square, or Custom Design Shape
7. Ergonomic Push Handles
8. Card Holder
9. Sight Glass
10. Inlet Valve (Manual or Pneumatic)
11. Custom Filling System
12. 20" Band-clamped Manway
13. Tri-Clamp Sensor Inlet
14. Lift Eyes (4)
15. Collet Rings for Holding IBC in Blender
16. Grounding Lug
17. Vibrator & Mounting Channel
18. Outlet Valve (Manual or Pneumatic)
19. Casters (Non-Marking)
20. Vacuum Convey to Process

Case Study

Pneumatic conveyors and  vacuum feed wand holders were used to transfer dry food materials from Gaylords to various process systems. Using dense phase conveying and a large flapper valve as the discharge feeder, we were able to transfer the different and delicate products without damage.