IBC Column Blenders

One of the inherent advantages of an IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container) is that it permits the blending of multiple ingredients without the need to transfer the material to and from another machine.

This eliminates segregation and cross contamination issues, as well as a mechanical blending instrument that would require extensive maintenance and cleaning.

Our line of IBC Column Blenders permits the easy loading of the IBC without a forklift. IBCs are simply rolled into the awaiting clamping arm mechanism. After blending, the IBC can either be lifted and positioned above a process for discharging or removed and taken elsewhere for further processing.

IEDCO IBC Column Blender Advantages

  • The ability to obtain a homogeneous blend of multiple ingredients in an IBC is a tremendous asset for both simplicity and hygiene.
  • The transfer of product to and from another machine is eliminated and containment and ergonomic situations are tremendously improved.
  • Our clamping arm is simple, hygienic and safe. The one adjustable arm is opened for loading. The IBCs are fit with “male” collets on each leg. The collets of one leg are positioned in “female” inserts of the stationary arm and the IBC is simply pivoted into place. The adjustable arm is locked. The IBC is safely secured at three corners and ready for blending.

IEDCO Lab Blender

Investing in a large IBC Column Blender can be intimidating, especially if there is any concern about the efficacy of IBC Blending for your compound. We have created a Lab IBC Blender to allow for the testing of your blends on a small scale.

The system is supplied with a 0.5 cubic foot IBC that is a miniature version of our standard IBCs, which can be used for test blends in a much more cost-effective manner. The IBC is typically supplied with a sanitary manual 3” butterfly valve for the discharging of the product after blending.

The blending system will be provided with the following additional features:

  • Mobile cart style design with utility shelf and ball bearing casters
  • NEMA 4X enclosure above cart level to house controls and blender drive
  • Sliding, “see-through” safety canopy
  • Adjustable access shelf for IBC mounting and container support
  • Completely pre-wired control system with graphic HMI
  • Power supply cord with spring loaded reel
  • “E” Stop button on front of panel