Hygienic and Accurate Method to Refill Feeders with Different Products from Remote Location

International food manufacturer in Jefferson, WI


Company was introducing three new Loss-in-Weight feeders into their condiment feeding line and needed a hygienic and accurate method of refilling each feeder with different products from a remote location without interfering with the scale system. The refilling area had limited headroom (<8’) as well as limited floor space. CIP was not possible, so the feeders and refill systems would need to be easily removed from the area for cleaning and maintenance.


IEDCO provided three new, large storage hoppers with integrated pneumatic feed wands in a nearby room which allowed bulk quantities of the products to be ready for feeding the new refill system. In order to satisfy the feeders refilling requirements while taking into consideration the height/space restrictions, IEDCO introduced a custom, low-profile pneumatic conveying system for each feeder. These specialized pneumatic conveying systems were also mounted on a mobile cart that would also hold the LIW feeders. Since the feeders had an open top and a contained transfer process was desired, custom covers were created that allowed the transfer of material from the pneumatic conveyors to the feeders in a closed system. A flexible connection was used to not interfere with the weighing process. Using a precise system of controls and level sensors, the feeder refilling process was now an accurate, automated, and contained system.


The new IEDCO feeder refill systems eliminated long, manual refilling operations while increasing hygiene and efficiency with its closed and contained design. The portable cart design allowed for easy positioning of the feeders for processing, as well as simple removal for cleaning and maintenance.

Major Equipment Provided

  • Pneumatic Conveyors
  • Storage Hoppers
  • Pneumatic Feed Wands
  • Portable Carts with Integrated Controls
Feeders and refill systems