Filling & Packaging

Filling & Packaging Systems

Filling & Packaging Systems

If you manufacture products using powders, it may mean that one or more of your ingredients comes to you in large bulk bags (big bags, super sacks, FIBC’s) of varying sizes. This means that you are faced with having to address the following challenges:

  • Getting the product from the process to the filling system.
  • Filling the package to the required accuracy.
  • Dealing with product settling to de-aerate the material and permit an efficient fill.
  • How to best handle the filled package (i.e. by roller conveyor, forklift, pallet jack or some other means) and designing the fill station to accommodate this method of handling.
  • Filling the package in a contained manner so that neither the operator nor the surrounding area is exposed to dust.
  • Handling of the filled packages in the most efficient and ergonomically acceptable way.

Custom Systems

No two systems are alike and the “one size fits all” philosophy often leads to disaster, which is why all IEDCO Filling & Packaging Systems are custom designed around your specific project parameters.

Our attention to detail ensures meeting or exceeding your expectations and a successful installation.

Drum Filling Systems

Whether it’s a Continuous Liner Drum Fill System or an accurate Weigh Batching System, IEDCO can design a drum filling system that fulfills the specifications of your project. We can design a system that can fill virtually any size drum and the equipment can either be stationary or portable.

Over the past 25 years, IEDCO has provided a wide range of drum filling systems to our many clients. From simple continuous liner drum fill systems to complex drum batching systems, we’ve done it all.

Each system designed around the same basic principles: containment, reliability, accuracy, safety and ergonomics.

Tray Filling Systems

The filling of powders or tablets into trays has traditionally been a manual, labor intensive operation.

With today’s ever-increasing concerns about ergonomics (specifically repeated movements leading to back and carpal tunnel issues) there is a strong need for automatic or semi-automatic filling systems.

We have developed several such tray filling systems, which include the completely automated tray handling system shown here.

We have also developed simple and affordable, volumetric tray filling systems that solve most of today’s concerns.

Bag Filling Systems

IEDCO’s “Zero-Lift” Bulk Bag Filling System permits the placement & removal of bulk bags on pallets using only a pallet jack rather than the need for a forklift.

The system is mounted on load cells and inflatable air bags, which permit loading and unloading in the lowered position.

When the air bags are activated, the platform is elevated off the floor, so that the load cells can weigh the bag as it is filled. Upon completion of the filling process, the platform is lowered, and the bulk bag is easily removed.

The entire process can be controlled by one operator, rather than being dependent on multiple operators or additional pieces of equipment.

Custom Designs

No bulk bag filling operation is the same and that is why IEDCO specializes in providing custom designed systems to suit your specific project requirements.

We have provided countless Bulk Bag Filling Systems and each has been as unique as the project itself. From a simple fill head on a frame to an advanced scale system bulk bag filler, as well as everything in between.

Whether you have multiple sized bags, require a batching control system, need product densification, or even Nitrogen inertion of your product, IEDCO can provide you with a Bulk Bag Filling System that is designed exclusively for your project’s specifications.

IEDCOpack—Small Container Filling Systems

The IEDCOpack permits most powders to be transferred from a drum (or other container) and automatically and accurately batched into a pouch, bag, bucket, bottle or other small container. The completely self-contained system eliminates all of the containment, ergonomic, safety and quality issues associated with the manual scooping and weighing operations.

The IEDCOpack product line is another example of IEDCO’s commitment to simplicity, hygiene and accuracy in that there are no moving parts in the entire transfer and batch system. No bearings and no motors means low maintenance and easy cleaning.

Each IEDCOpack is custom designed to project specifications and usually consists of:

  • Pneumatic Vacuum Transfer System
  • Feed Lance
  • Surge Hopper
  • Rotary Valve or Vibratory Feeder
  • Inflatable Fill Head
  • Mettler Toledo Scale
  • Control Panel with Mettler Toledo Batch Controller
  • Support Stand (stationary or portable)

All you need to do is plug it in to a wall socket and an air line and you’re “up and batching”. Accuracies to +/- 1 gram are achievable, as required.