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Filling & Packaging

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Filling & Packaging

prod_filling_packaging_01If one of your final products is a powder that has been blended or processed, you will have to package that material by filling bulk bags, drums, paper or plastic bags, or some other container. You are faced with the challenges of getting the product into any kind of a container or package:

  • Getting the product from the process to the filling system
  • Filling the final container to a required accuracy
  • Dealing with the product settling or de-aerating the material to permit an efficient fill
  • How to best handle the filled package (roller conveyor, forklift, etc.) and designing the fill station to accommodate this method of handling
  • Filling the package without exposing the operator or the environment to dust
  • The ergonomics of handling the filled packages

prod_filling_packaging_02Custom Container Filling Systems

We have a great deal of experience designing customized filling and packaging systems. Most filling & packaging systems usually involve an operator manually scooping materials from one container into another.

One of IEDCO’s core philosophies is to eliminate the entire scooping process. We can design an automated, highly accurate filling and packaging system for a wide range of containers (both small and large).

See also Drum Handling and Bulk Bag Filling

prod_filling_packaging_04The IEDCOPack line of filling systems permits most powders to be transferred from a bulk container (drum or other) into a pouch, bag, bucket or other container automatically and accurately. The completely self‐contained system eliminates all of the containment, ergonomic, safety and quality issues associated with the manual scooping and weighing operations which are so prevalent in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

The IEDCOPack product line is another example of IEDCO’s commitment to simplicity, hygiene and accuracy in that there are no moving parts in the entire transfer and batch system. The system is specifically designed to be low-maintenance, easily cleaned, and often portable.

Each IEDCOPack is custom designed to project specifications, but usually consists of:

  • Pneumatic Conveying System
  • Vacuum Feed Wand
  • Surge Hopper
  • Rotary Valve Feeder
  • Custom Fill Head
  • Mettler Toledo Scale
  • Control Panel with IND560 Batch Controller
  • Support Stand (stationary or portable)
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