Efficient, Low-Manpower Method to Transfer Dry Ingredients to Process Line without Damage

Frozen meals food manufacturer in Jackson, OH


Company began receiving many ingredients (dried pastas and other food materials) in large Gaylord boxes and needed an efficient, low-manpower method of transferring the ingredients to their process without damaging the product.


IEDCO provided six Gaylord tilters with custom, pneumatically operated vacuum feed wand holders. These attachments moved the feed wand up and down during the vacuum cycle for maximum feeding efficiency and bridge breaker without the need of an operator. Six pneumatic conveyors were provided to transfer the materials from the Gaylords into the various process systems. Using dense phase conveying and a large flapper valve as the discharge feeder, we were able to transfer the different and delicate products without damage.


The new IEDCO pneumatic conveying systems provided the necessary gentle product transfer without the need for multiple operators. The system was both efficient and cost effective.

Major Equipment Provided

  • Pneumatic Conveyors
  • Gaylord Tilters
  • Pneumatic Feed Wands
pneumatically operated vacuum feed wand holders