Column LIft Drum Inverter

Drum Inverters

If you make something from powders, it usually means that one or more of your basic ingredients comes to you in drums or you need to fill drums - either of which may involve a multitude of different sizes.

This means that you are faced with the following issues:

  • The ergonomics of the lifting and handling of the drums to minimize operator injury and maximize efficiency
  • The emptying or filling of drums accurately with full containment
  • Getting the material to or from the drum reliably

To help you solve these issues, we custom design and build a variety of drum handling equipment which include Drum Lifts, Inverters, Tilters, and Drum Filling Systems.

We are particularly proud of our Column Lift Drum Inverter Systems, which can lift, invert, slew, and dock a drum into a specific unloading position reliably, repeatedly, and accurately.

These systems are designed to handle virtually any style drum and/or multiple drum sizes. Operation can be fully automated or include some manual processes for cost efficiency.

IEDCO Drum Lift & Inverter

The IEDCO Drum Lift & Inverter can receive, lift, invert, and swivel a drum in order to dock it to a process for unloading. The unit can be designed to be stationary mounted on a level floor or it can be free standing without top support.

The Column Lift is completely electrically powered and designed to lift, invert, and swivel. The completely electric design makes the machine more reliable, trouble-free and smoother operating than either hydraulic or pneumatically powered units.

The “lift and seal” drum clamping system is pneumatically powered and, when fit with custom designed drum spacers, can allow for use with multiple sizes of drums or similar containers.

The drum discharge cone can be fit with a variety of product flow-inducing components: pneumatic vibrators, fluidizing aeration discs, a bridge-breaker system, and even a compact mill (as shown in the photo to the right), as well as either a butterfly or rotary valve discharge device.

The discharge cone is also clamped into place, allowing for easy removal (without tools) and cleaning.

Portable Drum Lift & Inverters

Over the past 25 years, IEDCO has provided a wide range of drum filling systems to our many clients. From simple continuous liner drum fill systems to complex drum batching systems, we’ve done it all.

Each system designed around the same basic principles: containment, reliability, accuracy, safety and ergonomics.

Below are just a few examples of the variety of drum filling challenges we have solved for our clients.

Drum Spacers

Versatility is one of the most important characteristics of any new equipment investment, which is why our Drum Handling Systems are designed for use with a variety of different drum sizes.

To accomplish this, we supply Drum Spacers that easily integrate with our equipment (specifically our Drum Lift & Inverters) that will allow you to use multiple sized containers during your drum discharging process.

IEDCO Drum Spacers are custom designed to suit your specific drums and can be manufactured out of hygienic stainless steel or high-density plastic.

In combination with appropriate programming in our controls system, discharging drums of different sizes is seamless, quick, and easy.