Drum Handling Systems

Drum Lifts and Inverters

Post Lift Drum Inverter

The IEDCO Post Lift Drum Inverter will receive, lift, invert, swivel, and dock drums to a receiving vessel for contained discharge. Units are designed to be stationarily bolted to a level floor with the option of ceiling support.

The Drum Lift/Inverter is completely electrically powered and designed to lift; however, all other functions are manual. The mostly electric design makes the machine more reliable, trouble-free and smoother operating than either hydraulic or pneumatically powered units. There is no leakage, no motion creep and far less maintenance.

Our “Lift & Seal” drum clamping system is pneumatically powered and designed to create a contained seal during the drum discharging process. A variety of other drum sealing options are also available.

IEDCO Post Lift Drum Inverters can be provided with manual functions (drum seal, inversion, slewing, etc.) or fully automated.

Drum Inverter Post Lift

Portable Drum Lift & Inverters

Along with our stationary drum lift and inverter, we can also supply portable models. These units are custom designed to meet your specific requirements including lift height, drum size, and required footprint.

The portable drum lift & inverter can be completely pneumatic, electric, or a combination of both. All controls are integrated into the body of the unit; therefore, only an air and/or electrical source are required.

Portable Drum Lift & Inverters

Low Profile Drum Lift & Inverter

Designed to discharge drums into smaller containers or low level chute-works, the IEDCO Low Profile Drum Lift & Inverter is a portable and user friendly piece of equipment. The unit can handle up to a 250 pound drum and is manually loaded using an ergonomically designed drum dolly.

The system uses a “lift and seal” drum clamping system which is pneumatically powered. The discharge cone can be fit with a bag liner retention tool and/or a pneumatic vibrator to aid product flow.

Low Profile Drum Lift & Inverter