Drum Handling Systems

Drum Handling Systems Overview

If you make something from powders, it usually means that one or more of your basic ingredients comes to you in drums, or you have a need to fill drums. You are faced with having to address the following issues concerning a drum lift or drum fill system:

  • The ergonomics of the drum lift or drum fill system to minimize back injury and maximize efficiency
  • Drum emptying or drum filling with full containment
  • Getting the material to or from the drum reliably

To help you with these issues, we custom design a variety of drum handling equipment which include: Drum Lifts, Drum Dump Systems, and Drum Fill Systems.

We are particularly proud of our Post Lift Drum Handling System, which can lift, invert, rotate, and dock a drum into a specific unloading position reliably and accurately. All controls are completely programmable using Allen-Bradley PLC components.

Drum Handling Systems

Custom Drum Handling Systems

Almost always, the right solution to meeting the drum handling challenges of a project lies in a custom designed piece of equipment, whether it’s a Post Lift, Drum Lift & Inverter, or a Drum Fill Station.

IEDCO is flexible in our attitudes and our designs to help you meet your drum handling challenges. Again, this is where the full service capabilities of IEDCO can be an important part of providing you with the complete response to your needs.


Drum Handling

Drum Lifts and Inverters

The IEDCO Drum Lifts and Inverters will receive, lift, invert and swivel a drum in order to dock it to a process for unloading. IEDCO manufactures Drum Lifts and Inverters in various configurations, these include:

  • Post Lift Drum Inverter
  • Portable Drum Lift & Inverters
  • Low Profile Drum Lift & Inverter

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Drum Filling Equipment

Drum Filling Equipment


Whether you need a continuous liner drum fill system or an accurate drum batch system, IEDCO can design a drum fill system that fulfills the specifications of your project.

Using a variety of drum fill heads, we can custom design a system that can fill virtually any size drum. IEDCO’s drum fill equipment can be stationary or portable.



Continuous Liner Drum Fill System

Continuous Liner Drum Fill System

Drum filling is a common occurrence when working with powders in the pharmaceutical, chemical, and food industries. However, sometimes the powder involved calls for a fully contained filling process to either protect the operators or even the powder itself. IEDCO has developed a line of Continuous Liner Drum Fill Systems to allow for completely contained drum filling.

The system can consist of many features to satisfy any project specific requirements, but is typically comprised of the following components:

  • Custom docking station for incoming IBC or similar vessel
  • Powder processing equipment (sifter, magnet, separator, etc.)
  • Rotary valve for accurate feeding to the drum
  • Continuous liner and retainer cartridge
  • Roller track for ease of drum positioning/removal
  • Scale system for precise filling
  • Support frame with controls