Drum Filling

Drum Filling

Whether it’s a Continuous Liner Drum Fill System or an accurate Weigh Batching System, IEDCO can design a drum filling system that fulfills the specifications of your project. Using a variety of drum fill heads, we can custom design a system that can fill virtually any size drum. IEDCO’s drum fill equipment can be stationary or portable.

Drum Fill Heads

Each drum filling system we provide requires some means to allow us to fill drums accurately and in a fully contained manner.

Although we can use inflatable seals or continuous liners, our specialized drum fill head most often fulfills this job. Its weight and underlying gasket seal tight against virtually any drum opening.

Using pneumatic cylinders to engage and release the lid once settled, along with a flexible connection to ensure contained product flow, this design allows us to fill drums accurately without interfering with the scale system.

IEDCO Drum Filling Systems

Over the past 25 years, IEDCO has provided a wide range of drum filling systems to our many clients. From simple continuous liner drum fill systems to complex drum batching systems, we’ve done it all.

Each system designed around the same basic principles: containment, reliability, accuracy, safety and ergonomics.

Below are just a few examples of the variety of drum filling challenges we have solved for our clients.

IEDCO Drum Filling Systems Gallery