Dispense Milk Powder from Bulk Bags into a Processing suite with Minimal Head-Space

Specialty nutritional foods manufacturer in Wautoma, WI


Company needed to dispense milk powder from bulk bags into a processing suite, but, due to the height of the processing equipment stack-up, the bulk bag discharging operation needed to be on the floor above and in a room with a standard ceiling height of 8’.


IEDCO provided a low-profile bulk bag unloader that discharged the bag’s contents through the floor and into the processing system on the floor below. A chute system was devised that could interface with the process system which featured an auger filler with varying operating heights. The IEDCO bulk bag unloading system featured a sanitary rotary valve that allowed for a controlled feed into the auger filler.


The new IEDCO bulk bag unloader allowed the customer to discharge bulk bags in a controlled manner in an area with limited headroom in which no standard bulk bag unloader could fit. Utilizing the existing environment, the current processing stack-up did not need to be disturbed.

Major Equipment Provided

  • Custom Low-Profile Bulk Bag Unloader
  • Sanitary Rotary Valve
  • Custom Feed Chute & Interface
low-profile bulk bag unloader