Discharge Poly-bottles Containing Powders into Multiple Mix Tanks with Inlets 10 Feet above the Floor

International Pharmaceutical Manufacturer in Mt. Vernon, IN


Company needed to discharge 20 liter poly-bottles containing either API or non-API powders into multiple mix tanks with inlets approximately 10’ above the floor. Material transfer needed to be ergonomically safe and contained (especially for the API powder solution).


IEDCO provided four pneumatic column lifts with custom designed lift effectors to handle the specialized poly-bottles. The lifts were able to lift, invert, slew, and dock the poly-bottles to the mix tanks. The API solution bottles and corresponding mix tank inlets were fit with split butterfly valves to ensure contained transfer of the active powder. The API bottles also needed to be rinsed with water and emptied back into the mix tank, again in a contained and safe manner. Lift controls were located on a pendant device, allowing a single operator to load the poly-bottles at ground level and then dock the bottles on a mezzanine adjacent to the mix tank inlet.


The new poly-bottle lift and discharge systems allowed a single operator to discharge the powdered solutions in the 20 liter poly-bottles into the required mix tanks in a safe, ergonomic, and contained manner.

Major Equipment Provided

  • Pneumatic Post Lifts
  • Split Butterfly Valves
pneumatic column lifts