Gloveboxes and Other Containment Systems

IEDCO has partnered with Isolation Systems, Inc. (ISI) to provide a variety of containment solutions to the Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries.

Our combined engineering and design capabilities have been brought to bear to solve the most complex clean process equipment design requirements and performance specifications.

We design, engineer, and manufacture complete lines of both standard and custom built airborne contamination control, containment, and extraction systems. Working with ISI, we can assure the highest level of protection and safety for both personnel and product.

Isolation Systems Inc. brings over 30 years of experience to bear in the design and development of clean process specific engineered, airborne contamination control and containment systems.

All containment systems are fabricated exclusively in 304 or 316L stainless steel or mild steel that is electrostatic coated with bonderized polyurethane.

IEDCO is dedicated to providing the full spectrum of airborne contamination control, containment and extraction technologies, services and products to meet the ever expanding needs of our customers.

Glovebox isolators drawing

IEDCO Glovebox Isolators

IEDCO Glovebox Isolators allow for contained handling of powders, tablets, and other products, all while protecting both the operator and the material. Isolators can be designed for both positive and negative pressure operation and are rigorously tested to meet all conformance standards.

Custom Containment Systems

Every project is unique, so every solution is equally unique. IEDCO’s systems solution approach allows us to create custom solutions to your specific containment challenges.

By learning your complete process, we can seamlessly integrate a fully contained powder handling/transfer system into it.

For example, the system shown here required a fully contained drum discharging system to accurately fill bulk bags. IEDCO designed a Column Drum Tilter that allowed operators to open and empty the drum contents within a fully contained glovebox isolator. The powder was discharged to a sealed-system bulk bag filler, which included a scale system for accurate batching of the material.

No matter the challenge, IEDCO can design and supply the containment solution to your powder handling challenges.

Containment & Extraction Booths

Standard containers like drums or totes are not the only items that need lifting/positioning. Your process may include the discharging of bottles, small containers, or bags. Or you may have mixers or blenders that are too cumbersome and heavy for your operators to handle safely.

IEDCO offers a line of fully customized Small Container/Equipment Lifts that are specifically designed to your individual needs.

We can supply either a pneumatic or electric lift that can lift and position whatever small payload you have smoothly, accurately, and safely.

These lifts are ideal for the raising, lowering, and positioning of processing equipment like mixers, blenders, and sifters.

Eliminate the ergonomics involved with an operator lifting and carrying equipment or small containers up and down steps or mezzanines.

Like all our lifts, our Small Container/Equipment Lifts are hygienically and custom designed. They are the perfect solution for your contained small add process, as well as raising/lowering equipment for maintenance or cleaning.

Containment Caps

Containment Cap (or Dust Cap) is a silicone disk which snaps onto a metal collar and is integrated as a part of a chute, vessel or process. It is generally used to transfer a powder from Point "A" to Point "B" with full containment of dust during the transfer. Typically, the discharge point or the receiving point is portable. The cap is part of the receiving point.

An undersized hole is cut in the top of the cap to allow mating with a metal spigot, which is part of the discharge point. When mated with the undersized hole in the silicone cap, a tight, friction fit between the two points is achieved. The result is full dust containment when product is permitted to flow from Point “A” to Point “B”.

If a scale system is included on either side, the cap can also provide the necessary flex connection for accurate weighing. We manufacture these caps here in the USA and they are readily available as a stock item in our inventory.

Dust Caps

Principle of Operation

Cap Specifications

Containment Caps are available in Four (4) sizes: 4” (120 mm), 6” (170 mm), 10” (250 mm) and 12” (315 mm).

All Containment Caps are FDA and USP Class VI compliant and are “natural white” in color. Custom caps can be made to meet your special needs.

Caps can be made under special order with other materials and colors to meet any chemical compatibility concerns.

Containment Collars

Containment Collars are butt weld fittings that can be integrated onto the receiving inlet to allow the proper fit of the Containment Cap. All collars are fabricated from 316 stainless steel and are available in either a standard or sanitary configuration.

The Containment Collar has a closed, sanitary bead ring around the entire periphery of the rolled top of the collar.

Containment Cap & Collar Dimensions

Nominal Width ØD ØdC ØdB Ød
Ø120 mm 144 mm 129 mm 120 mm 122 mm
Ø170 mm 194 mm 179 mm 170 mm 172 mm
Ø250 mm 274 mm 259 mm 250 mm 252 mm
Ø315 mm 339 mm 324 mm 315 mm 317 mm

Installation of Caps

The successful use of a containment cap is as good as its fit with the spigot to which it mates. If the hole cut in the cap is not perfectly round or its edges not smooth it will not seal well. If the hole is oversized it will not seal well. If it is undersized it may wear prematurely.

To optimize performance the hole must be cut properly.

To this end we have available an adjustable hole cutter with several surgically sharp blades and compass point-centering guard.

Spigot Diameter ØA Hole Diameter ØB
50 mm 39 mm
100 mm 88 mm
150 mm 135 mm
200 mm 180 mm
260 mm 240 mm
300 mm 275 mm
4" 3 1/2"
6" 5 3/8"
10" 9 1/4"
12" 11"