Column Lifts

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Column Lift

When dealing with IBCs, drums, or any other kind of material container, it is often necessary to elevate and position the equipment above a process in order to discharge its contents.

Small containers can make this an ergonomic nightmare. Larger vessels can require a forklift or overhead crane, which can be inconvenient, unsafe, and unsanitary.

To deal with these kinds of installations, IEDCO has developed a line of Column Lifts (sometimes called Post Lifts) which permit the handling of virtually any vessel safely and precisely.

Depending on the load, our Column Lifts can either be electrically or pneumatically powered.

IEDCO Column Lifts

IEDCO Column Lifts are designed to be stationary mounted on a level floor and supported from a bearing support at the top as a standard, but floor supported only models can be supplied, as well.

Our standard Column Lift for loads over 250 lbs is completely electrically powered and designed to accurately lift, swivel, and dock its payload.

The completely electric design makes the machine more reliable, trouble-free, and smoother operating than either hydraulic or pneumatically powered units. There is no leakage, no motion creep, and far less maintenance.

Column Lift Types

All IEDCO Column Lifts are designed and built to suit your project’s specific needs. We have supplied lifts to handle vessels of all sizes, as well as processing equipment (sifters, screeners, mixers, etc.).
Some types of lifts we can supply include, but are not limited to:

  • IBC Lifts
  • Drum Lifts (and Inverters)
  • Material Lifts
  • Small Container/Equipment Lifts
  • Vacuum Conveyor Lifts
  • Bulk Bag Lifts
  • Powder Transfer Bag Lifts
  • IBC Column Blenders

No matter what your vessel or receiving point may be, IEDCO can design the perfect and precise lift system to keep your process running smoothly and safely.

Column lift brings product to mezzanine level

IBC Column Lifts

If you use Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) throughout your plant, chances are that you are going to need to discharge them into some sort of receiving vessel. This usually involves lifting the IBC above the vessel and docking it to the vessel inlet.

IEDCO designs and manufactures a wide range of custom IBC Column Lifts that can suit virtually any IBC handling challenge.

IEDCO IBC Column Lifts are designed to lift, slew, lower, and accurately dock IBCs to your reactor, mixer, or any other receiving vessel.

We offer a variety of IBC holding effectors, including ones that grab the IBC bottle using our unique IBC leg collet design, interfacing with the IBC handle and legs, or using simple forks that lift the IBC from underneath.

Each system is specifically designed to your needs.

Small Container/Equipment Lifts

Standard containers like drums or totes are not the only items that need lifting/positioning. Your process may include the discharging of bottles, small containers, or bags. Or you may have mixers or blenders that are too cumbersome and heavy for your operators to handle safely.

IEDCO offers a line of fully customized Small Container/Equipment Lifts that are specifically designed to your individual needs.

We can supply either a pneumatic or electric lift that can lift and position whatever small payload you have smoothly, accurately, and safely.

These lifts are ideal for the raising, lowering, and positioning of processing equipment like mixers, blenders, and sifters.

Eliminate the ergonomics involved with an operator lifting and carrying equipment or small containers up and down steps or mezzanines.

Like all our lifts, our Small Container/Equipment Lifts are hygienically and custom designed. They are the perfect solution for your contained small add process, as well as raising/lowering equipment for maintenance or cleaning.

Bulk Bag Lifts

If you need the ultimate sanitary and hygienic bulk bag unloading system, look no further than the IEDCO Column Lift Bulk Bag Unloader.

Designed specifically for the pharmaceutical and food industries, this bulk bag unloading system not only lifts and swivels to position the bulk bags for discharging but eliminates the need for often unhygienic hoists or forklifts.

Simply bring full bulk bags to the unloader using a pallet jack or cart. An operator attaches the bag straps to the lifting effector and the lift does the rest.

Due to the slewing capabilities of our Column Lift Bulk Bag Unloader, it is possible to have one lift system serve two different bulk bag unloading systems and receiving vessels.