Bulk Bag Handling

Bulk Bag Unloading Systems

Custom Designed Bulk Bag Unloading Systems

At IEDCO we have developed a wide range of custom designs to provide reliable flow and to connect the outlet spout of the bulk bag to the system in a contained manner. Our bulk bag unloaders are designed to fit our client’s specific requirements, and we have built systems to handle all types and sizes of bulk bags.

These systems can consist of some or all of the following main components:

  • Bulk Bag Unloader Frame
  • Bag Lift Frame with Liner Clamp
  • Bulk Bag Agitation Pan
  • Pneumatic Bag Spout Choker
  • Enclosed or Open Spout Access and Sealing System
  • Sanitary Butterfly or Rotary Valve
  • Central Control Panel
  • Cable or Chain Lift Hoist with Trolley
  • Adjustable Support Frame to Accommodate Different Sizes of Bulk Bags
  • Construction Materials Ranging from Mild Steel to 316 Stainless Steel.