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Bulk Bag Fillers

Bulk Bag Filling
Bulk Bag Filling

If you are a bulk powder producer, chances are many of your final products are sold in economical bulk bags (big bags, super sacks, FIBCs). IEDCO’s bulk bag filler systems run the gamut from a simple bag loading frame and fill-head to an automated fill system that allows for accurate gain-in-weight batching.

Our bulk bag filler systems are designed for contained filling and batching of dry powder materials from a process to a bulk bag. The bulk bag filler support frame can be designed to a specific height or it can be adjustable to serve a variety of bulk bag sizes.

“Zero-Lift” Bulk Bag Filler

IEDCO’s “Zero-Lift” Bulk Bag Filler System has a custom designed base that permits the placement and removal of big bags on pallets using a standard pallet jack rather than a walking stacker or forklift. The entire base is mounted on load cells and inflatable air bags, which permit loading and unloading in the lowered position. When the air bags are activated, the platform is elevated off the floor, so as to not interfere with the weighing, and the bulk bag is filled in this position to an accurate weight. Upon completion of the filling process, the platform is lowered, and the bulk bag is easily removed.

  • Dust collection nozzle for removal of entrapped air in the product while being loaded and compacted, ensuring a dust free process
  • Adjustable bag hook supports with optional pneumatic rotary actuator bag loop release feature
  • Pneumatic inflatable fill-head to ensure contained transfer of product during filling
  • Bag inflation and/or nitrogen purging system
  • Flat deck design for easy load and unload by pallet or fork truck
  • Lift/lower platform for weighing with four air-mount isolators
  • Optional pneumatic vibrators with stainless steel hygiene covers for product densification