Bulk Bag Filling

IEDCO “Zero-Lift” Bulk Bag Filling System

IEDCO’s “Zero-Lift” Bulk Bag Filling System permits the placement and removal of bulk bags on pallets using only a pallet jack rather than the need for a forklift.

The system is mounted on load cells and inflatable air bags, which permit loading and unloading in the lowered position.

When the air bags are activated, the platform is elevated off the floor, so that the load cells can weigh the bag as it is filled. Upon completion of the filling process, the platform is lowered, and the bulk bag is easily removed.

The benefits of this design offers a variety of advantages over standard bulk bag fillers:

  • No forklift (or forklift operator) is needed for full bag removal.
  • The beveled loading deck allows for removal of the filled bag by pallet jack when the deck is lowered.
  • The entire process can be controlled by one operator, rather than being dependent on multiple operators or additional pieces of equipment.
  • Densification through vibration can still be accomplished due to the fact that the air bags provide for complete vibration isolation of the load cells.
  • The overall height of the filler is equal to the bag/pallet height, plus only 12”.
  • The footprint is only 12” bigger than the pallet in one direction and only 6” in the other, permitting it to be installed in tight places (where you also may not want a forklift to be maneuvering).
  • The castered design allows the unit to be used throughout the plant.

Bulk Bag Weigh Deck

We build a “U” shaped base frame to which load cells are bolted, rather than directly to the floor. This permits all alignment to be done in our factory and greatly facilitates installation.

We provide a set of Mettler Toledo load cells to provide the highest degree of accuracy and reliability.  An inflatable air bag is mounted on top of each load cell; the weigh deck or platform is bolted to the air bag.

The air bags lift the unit off the ground when inflated, and allow for accurate readings by the weigh system.

Bulk Bag Weigh Deck

Adjustable Support Frames

Bulk Bag Support Frame

Whether you are filling one size bulk bag or many, the IEDCO Bulk Bag Filling System can include an adjustable bag support frame.

Height adjustment is accomplished by pneumatically raising/lowering the support frame along the vertical supports.

  • A-frame style supports are bolted to weigh deck outriggers
  • Top support frame houses the fill head and bag hooks
  • Two pneumatic actuators with four hooks to support bulk bag
  • Pneumatic cylinder, with safety rod-lock, to raise and lower the bag support frame
  • The support frame can be of 304 or 316 stainless steel construction

Inflatable Fill Head

Our Inflatable Fill Head design allows for contained transfer of material during the bulk bag filling process.

If filling different sized bulk bags, we can supply multiple sized fill heads for different diameter bag inlets. The fill heads will have a quick disconnect design for easy and quick swap out when necessary.

Bulk Bag Inflatable Fill Head

Bag Inflation System

Having been in storage for some time, bulk bags can be difficult to straighten out and position on the Bulk Bag Filling System. It’s also important to make sure that the inner liner is not internally folded in a way that would prevent a proper fill.

Our optional (and highly recommended) Bag Inflation System solves this by using a compressed air venture to induce air flow into the bag through the fill head.

Custom Designs

No bulk bag filling operation is the same and that is why IEDCO specializes in providing custom designed systems to suit your specific project requirements.

We have provided countless Bulk Bag Filling Systems, and each has been as unique as the project itself. From a simple fill head on a frame to an advanced scale system bulk bag filler, as well as everything in between.

Whether you have multiple sized bags, require a batching control system, need product densification, or even Nitrogen inertion of your product, IEDCO can provide you with a Bulk Bag Filling System that is designed exclusively for your project’s specifications.