Accurately Empty Bulk Bags into either IBCs or Drums in a Gain-in-Weight Basis

Biopharmaceutical Company in Salt Lake City, UT


The company wanted to accurately empty bulk bags into either IBCs or drums in a gain-in-weight basis. They wanted a system that would not require operators to climb stairs or ladders and still maintain the smallest footprint possible. The system had to be completely FDA compliant.


IEDCO provided a custom Bulk Bag Unloading System that featured two individual Column Lifts and a Portable Bulk Bag Unloader Cart. One column lift was stationary (non-swiveling) and designed to lift the custom Bulk Bag Unloader Cart (which featured a vibratory sifter that screened out any oversized particles). The other Column Lift would raise the bulk bag, swivel, and position the bag onto the Bulk Bag Unloader Cart. Both lifts would raise in unison, allowing the positioning of an IBC or drum on the scale system underneath. All operations are controlled from a single HMI panel while keeping the operator’s feet securely on the ground.


This system allowed for the accurate dosing of powders into IBCs or drums while keeping operators on the ground. All operations were controlled from a single HMI panel. The Bulk Bag Unloader Cart had the added benefit of being portable, allowing for ease of cleaning and maintaining from ground level.

Major Equipment Provided

• Column Bulk Bag Lift
• Column Bulk Bag Unloader Cart Lift
• Bulk Bag Unloader Cart w/Vibratory Screener
• Central Controls System
• Sanitary Rotary Valve (for accurate metering of powders)