Batching Systems

Batching / Filling / Packaging Overview

At the heart of many process systems is the need to accurately weigh out a specific quantity of one or more ingredients for further processing. This procedure is often referred to as dosing, dispensing, or batching. IEDCO has a great deal of experience and expertise in this area and can design, manufacture and integrate batching systems with extremely high accuracies.

Loss‐In‐Weight or Gain‐In‐Weight

Automated batch systems and dispensaries substantially improve the efficiency of formulating recipe based product with either loss-in-weight or gain-in-weight technology. IEDCO has a great deal of experience and expertise in this area and can design, manufacture, and integrate batch systems with extremely high accuracies.

Mettler Toledo Process Control
Mettler Toledo Control Process Control

Scales and Controllers

We do not manufacture our own load cells, scales or controllers. We are not married to any one manufacturer, but when left to our own resources have chosen to standardize on the use of Mettler Toledo. Having said this, we strongly believe that if you have a facility full of scales and controllers supplied by another manufacturer, we should use that manufacturers products. Having a local scale distributor or supplier, with whom you are happy and who provides you with calibration and other support services, is a very important aspect of any batch system.


Most people know what their batch system needs and specific recipes are today, however, in this ever changing and competitive environment, six months from now you may have to make something you never dreamed of before. This means that designing maximum flexibility into your batch system is the most important part of your batch system investment. Flexibility in this context can affect every aspect of the system. At IEDCO we know how important this is and we design our systems with this in mind.

Sanitary Rotary ValvesBatch Feeder

A product feeder or valve is at the heart of every batch system. This feed device can take on many forms: screw feeder, belt feeder, vibrating tray, slide gate, or rotary valve. They come in many ranges of sophistication and price. However, we believe that our customers desire a simple, hygienic, and low maintenance solution. To meet this challenge, IEDCO has developed batch systems relying solely on using a sanitary rotary valve as a batch feeder. Using this valve, we have successfully achieved extremely high batching accuracies.

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Many existing pharmaceutical facilities deal with their excipient dispensing using manual methods like scooping or pouring material from drums or sacks into a drum or other IBC on a scale. Obviously, this system leaves a lot to be desired from both an ergonomic and containment standpoint, not to mention potential product quality, batch accuracy and documentation issues.

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Filling & Packaging Systems

IEDCO designs and manufactures systems that package material by filling bulk bags, drums, paper or plastic bags, or some other container.

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IEDCOPack Filling Systems

The IEDCOPack line of filling systems permits most powders to be transferred from a bulk container (drum or other) into a pouch, bag, bucket or other container automatically and accurately. The completely self‐contained system eliminates all of the containment, ergonomic, safety and quality issues associated with the manual scooping and weighing operations which are so prevalent in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

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Tablet Systems
Tablet Systems

Tablet Handling Systems

Handling pharmaceutical tablets or other fragile food products continues to be plagued with ergonomic disadvantages. Many plants today are still manually lifting, scooping, and dumping cores and tablets while living with the inefficiencies and ergonomic issues inherent to these repetitive motions.

IEDCO has years of experience when with the automated handling of tablets or other fragile products.

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