Bag Handling

Custom Designs

The right solution to your specific bag handling project often requires custom designed bag dump stations, hoppers, and powder transfer systems. This is where the full-service capabilities of IEDCO shine and become an important part of providing you with the perfect solution to your bag handling needs.

Emptying the bags is only the first part of the challenge. Transferring the material to your receiving vessel is the second, but you’re in good hands with IEDCO. We’ve been successfully transferring powders from Point "A" to Point "B" for over 20 years!

From the simple to the complex, IEDCO is uniquely positioned to help you meet your bag handling challenges.

Bag Dump Stations

IEDCO provides a wide range of customized stationary or portable bag dump stations to allow the discharge of bags (and drums) of raw materials into a downstream process below. Our basic configuration incorporates an integral screening system and dust collection port.

Our stations are designed to allow operators to empty bags of material into the process with minimal spillage and maximum containment with safety and ergonomics in mind. A vent connection permits venting of dust and airborne particles via a hookup to the clients existing dust collection system.
You can also upgrade your system to include integral dust collection and a bag compactor.

Bag Compactors

Emptying bags generates a lot of trash.  Removing the empty bag from the confines of the bag dump station generates spillage and usually a pluming mess when transferring the empty bag to a trash bin or other container.

Incorporating a bag compactor into your bag dump station can be the solution to this problem. The compactor is typically integrated into the side of the bag dump station but can be designed to serve multiple bag dump stations, back-to-back or in-line.

Our bag compactors are fully pneumatic, without messy hydraulics or electrical components, and can either be free standing or integrated into new or existing systems. Units have a hinged access door for removal of compacted bags with heavy duty latch and pneumatic limit switch, control panel with extend/retract push button, full compactor indicator push button, and vented safety lockout valve with filter regulator.

When integrally mounted to a filtered bag dump station, the bag compactor utilizes the dust collection system in the bag dump to keep the worker’s environment dust-free even during the bag compaction cycle.

Equipment Specifications & Options

The base bag dump stations can be built to the following project requirement specifications:

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Mounted on casters for portability
  • Dust collection port to hook up with client provided dust collector
  • Integral dust collector (optional)
  • Bag Compactor (optional)
  • Integral screener to prevent paper or other non-product materials from entering process
  • Gasketed hinged cover
  • Conical outlet terminated at a tri-clover connection for mating to downstream process
  • Special inlet connection on top of unit to allow for discharging of drums (custom designed to match your drums)
  • Fluidized hopper bottom for reliable and complete product discharge

Bag Lift Equipment

Bag lifting equipment is often an integral part of the complete solution to the ergonomic handling of paper sacks. TNT Handling USA is a leader in the field of vacuum bag lift equipment. Our relationship with them enables us to take advantage of their expertise and product line to deal with the issues of bag or sack handling. A complete bag lift package includes:

  • Jib, gantry or bridge crane support systems
  • Vacuum pump and enclosure
  • Filtration systems
  • Main lift tube assemblies
  • Multiple control head options
  • Various end effectors depending on size, shape and type of sack

Other bag/pallet lift equipment can be integrated into any bag handling system including scissor lift systems or lift tables.