Accurately Weigh, Dose, Or Batch Ingredients Into A Container

A vital step in most powder processing systems is the need to accurately weigh, dose, or batch one or more ingredients into a specific container.

The system to handle this task needs to be designed by someone who has vast amounts of experience and expertise in powder handling and systems integration.

IEDCO has been designing accurate batching & filling systems for over 20 years.

Whether you are looking to batch into large containers (IBCs, bulk bags, etc.) or smaller containers (drums, buckets, etc.), IEDCO can create the perfect solution to your needs.

IEDCO Batching & Filling Systems Can...

  • Be designed to fill virtually any container
  • Handle one or a variety of ingredients and recipes
  • Accurately batch to your parameters repeatedly
  • Be semi or fully automated
  • Be stationary or portable to serve different locations within a plant

Our Batching & Filling Systems are custom designed to solve your specific project requirements and we can accurately fill virtually any container.

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