Accurately Batch Powder from Bulk Bags into a Reactor and Accurately Fill Drums with Powdered Product

International Pharmaceutical Developer and Manufacturer in Petersburg, VA


Company needed to accurately batch powder from bulk bags into a reactor in one process, as well as have the ability to accurately fill bulk bags or drums with powdered product from dryers in another part of their facility. Both areas environmentally classified as Class I, Div II.


For the bulk bag unloading process, IEDCO provided a unique bulk bag unloader to be installed in the room above the reactor to be fed. The product was metered from the bulk bags via a sanitary rotary valve through a chute system in the floor. The bulk bag unloader had integrated load cells which allowed for creating accurate loss-in-weight batches to the reactor.

For the filling process, IEDCO provided four “zero lift” style pack-out units with individualized features and fill heads to allow for bulk bag filling or drum filling. The fill heads were also fit with a sieving system to refine the powder from the dryer. The pack-out units were designed to accept empty bulk bags or drums on pallets using a simple pallet jack – no forklift needed. Integrated with weigh modules, the pack-out units produced accurately weighed batches in either container.

All equipment supplied complied with the necessary specifications to operate in Class I, Div II environments.


All the systems provided streamlined existing practices and increased overall process efficiency. By introducing the LIW bulk bag unloader above the reactor process, IEDCO eliminated the need for additional material transfer equipment. The pack-out units were designed for flexibility, ease of use, and safety. All systems offered complete contained transfers of the powdered materials, as well as accurately metered batches.

Major Equipment Provided

  • Loss-In-Weight Bulk Bag Unloader
  • Zero Lift Bulk Bag Pack-Out Units
  • Zero Lift Drum Pack-Out Units
  • Sanitary Rotary and Butterfly Valves
Metered bulk bag unloader