About Us

IEDCO was founded in 1995 to serve the specialized needs of the Pharmaceutical, Food, and Fine Chemical Processing industries. We are dedicated to the engineering, design, manufacture, and installation of powder handling systems and technologies.

Our core business is getting powders from Point “A” to Point “B” in as reliable, safe, contained, and ergonomically acceptable manner possible. We are an innovative engineering company that can, and actually prefers to, provide our clients with a single-source, engineered solution to specific powder handling challenges.

We specialize in the design and manufacture of systems and equipment for the conveying and batching of bulk powders. At the heart of most of our conveying systems is pneumatically driven vacuum technology. Our combined decades of experience has made IEDCO experts in the field of pneumatic transfer systems.

But we are far more than just a vacuum conveying company. IEDCO looks at the big picture and brings a systems approach to all powder handling challenges. We can provide complete process solutions that not only include the material conveying system, but all the supporting equipment and systems, as well. Whether you need to weigh, blend, convey, discharge, or fill, our custom engineered solutions are designed to fulfill any or all of these project specific requirements.

With our years of powder handling system design expertise, wide range of products and services, and superior technical support, IEDCO’s goal is to be your one stop shop for all your powder handling needs.


Our Design Philosophies

IEDCO engineers have been designing and supplying successful powder handling systems for more than four decades. Whenever possible, we design these systems around our core powder handling philosophies:

No Tools

Cleaning and maintenance is always an issue. That is why IEDCO systems are designed for quick and easy assembly and disassembly without the use of special tools.

No Moving Parts

"We don't mess around with things that go around!" This sums up our feelings on including any complex gears or parts into our systems, which results in low maintenance equipment.

No Scooping

Eliminating the ergonomic and health issues related to manual scooping powders is the focus of our system design.

No Stairs

Keeping operators' feet firmly on the ground increases operator safety and efficiency by removing the need to ascend and descend stairs.

No Forklifts

We try to keep forklifts out of the picture, which results in overall operator safety, process efficiency, as well as the ability to position equipment in confined areas.

No Dust

"The best dust collector is one that doesn't exist." Our systems are designed with containment in mind, thus eliminating the need for any dust collection system.


Mobility is both operationally and economically efficient. Cleaning is easily facilitated and multiple location use is possible.

Plug & Play

Because of all the previous philosophies, our systems do not incur any long start-up issues or costly contractors. Our equipment is typically modular and factory assembled to the greatest extent possible.