A World of Experience in Powder Handling

A full-service company providing custom engineered powder handling systems and solutions since 1995. IEDCO solves simple to unusual powder handling challenges with unique and demanding project requirements, with the most efficient solution possible. Most of our work is focused on the governmentally regulated industries (pharmaceutical, fine chemical, and food), but we serve any processing industry looking for a single source, engineered solution. 

We are dedicated to the engineering, design, manufacture, and installation of powder handling systems and technologies, including: Pneumatic ConveyingBag HandlingBatch SystemsBulk Bag UnloadingDrum HandlingIBC ContainersFilling & PackagingPost LiftsBin BlendersContainment SystemsProcess Control SystemsValves, and Tablet Handling Systems.

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Industry Case Studies

Pharmaceutical Industry

Company wanted to transfer powdered material from multiple drums into a flexible IBC with high containment.

Food Processing

Company needed a hygienic and accurate method of refilling each feeder with different products from a remote location.

Chemical Industry

Company wanted to reclaim polysilicon powder captured by their existing dust collection system.

Featured Applications

Pneumatic Conveying Systems

Pneumatic conveying systems are custom designed to specifically suit a wide range of duties and have set new benchmarks in ...


Unloading Bulk Bags Accurately and Reliably

Receiving powdered product in bulk bags is becoming more and more common due to their ease of use and cost.


Accurately Weigh, Dose, Or Batch Ingredients Into A Container

A vital step in most powder processing systems is the need to accurately weigh, dose, or batch one or more.


Low Profile & Efficient Drum Discharging

IEDCO’s Compact Drum Inverter Historically, drum inverting units have been big, cumbersome and required a lot of plant real estate.

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